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Guide To Medicare Supplement Plan N

Guide To Medicare Supplement Plan N

Difference Between Supplement Plans And How To Make The Right Decision

For those who are eligible for Medicare, a supplementary “Medigap” plan can provide you with an optional coverage as supplemental insurance. Medigap Plan N is by itself a “plan”, and not part of Medicare. It a type of insurance policy you can purchase to help reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. It covers things like copays, premiums, and deductibles. Make sure to check out for detailed information.

Choosing the right Medigap plan can be a bit confusing, as different plans offer different levels of benefits and coverage. Here are a few things you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plan N.

What is Medicare Supplement Plan N?

Just as with other Medigap plans, Plan N is a type of Medicare supplement insurance that’s privately administered. It’s specially designed to help you cover certain out-of-pocket expenses for hospital care, services, along with coinsurance for Medicare Part B, specifically outpatient care. For those who spend a lot of money annually on copays and coinsurance, Plan N might pay for itself quite quickly. Getting some of the plans will surely improve your retirement plan.

Plan N policies are legally required to be standardized, meaning they offer the same basic coverage no matter which company you choose to purchase from. However, not every Medicap plan will be available in every location, and Plan N isn’t available in every state. Moreover, insurance providers can pick locations in which they want to provide Plan N policies.

What Does Plan N Cover?

Plan N covers the following:

• Medicare Part A deductible

• Blood transfusion for up to the first 3 pints

• Coinsurance for Medicare Part A and hospital stays for up to 365 days

• Copays for Medicare Part B at the healthcare providers’ offices

• Coinsurance for Medicare Part B (outpatient procedures and care)

• Coinsurance for skilled nursing facility and hospice care

• 80% of healthcare costs while outside the United States

Medigap Plan N Pros and Cons


Monthly premiums will cost significantly less than plans F and G, which offer similar coverage. Covers 80% of costs whenever you need healthcare outside the country. It completely covers your Medicare Part A deductible.


You could possibly have copays of $50 at the ER and $20 at the doctor. You may have to pay excess charges in case your healthcare provider charges more than Medicare can pay. Doesn’t cover Medicare Part B deductible, though none of the new Medicap plans do.